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Dr. Aaron Micko Welcomes You To HealthFirst

office-homepage-pictureAt HealthFirst, we see all types of patients of all ages and conditions. We take much enjoyment at helping the younger generation grow healthy but also appreciate taking care of everyone else. You are never too young to start Chiropractic care! My son Bowen was adjusted at 17 minutes old as he was out alignment from the birthing process. You are always better off getting checked!

Quality Health Care For Milbank And Britton

We pride ourselves in quality health care utilizing cutting edge technology which includes, the Insight Millenium Station, and digital x-rays. There is a two day process in which we first evaluate cause of concern and second, the best recommendations to overcome those concerns. Explanation of concerned areas and overall health concerns is of top priority and is well handled throughout our education process. We make recommendations based on your health goals but yet strive to show you the bigger picture. We want you to stay healthy, not just be asymptomatic.

We have been taking care of your family like we take care of our family in the Milbank area since 2007 and the Britton area since January of 2015.”

Our concern is not only how you feel today but where do you want your health to be in five years? If your current goals are not aligned with that, something needs to be changed.

Our Mission at HealthFirst Chiropractic is to provide the most cost effective care in a fun, vitalistic atmosphere using cutting edge technology to provide amazing results! We will empower through education and inspiration allowing our patients to achieve their personal Health & Life goals.

Therapies And Services

At HealthFirst, we offer a number of therapies and services to help you achieve your optimal level of health:

  • Quality Chiropractic Care: Using Activator and Thompson Drop Table Techniques
  • Digital X-rays: Reviewed by both the treating Chiropractor and a Certified Radiologist
  • Insight Millenium Subluxation Station: Determines how stress and subluxations are affecting function.
  • Foot Levelers: To determine if you would benefit from Custom Orthotics
  • Mechanical Cervical and Lumbar Traction Table: Reduces nerve irritation
  • Soft Tissue Release: Allows proper performance and function
  • Therapeutic Exercise Instruction: To maintain core stability
  • Passive Modalities:  Including Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and UltraSound, for acute care situations.

After you tour our website, designed for Milbank and Britton area residents searching for a chiropractor, give our Milbank Chiropractic office a call at (605) 432-9561, or call our Britton Chiropractic office at (605) 448-5050. We’d love to meet you and explain our unique brand of chiropractic.

Dr. Aaron Micko | Milbank SD Chiropractor

Serving the Milbank-area communities with quality chiropractic care.

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Milbank, SD 57252
Phone: (605) 432-9561
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Phone: (605) 448-5050